Welcome to Redefine

Redefine provides practical solutions to your development needs.  Rather than a ‘one-size fits all’, Redefine services are specifically developed to meet specific client needs. All tools used by ‘Redefine’, such as profiles and questionnaires, have been carefully chosen for their robustness and validity.

Whether you are a private or corporate client, Redefine provides practical solutions to your development needs in the following three areas:

Dysfunctional / Functional Teams 

Redefine will work with you to identify practical ways to move your team forward beyond its current behaviours. Examples of typical dysfunctional behaviours include:

  • team members who are reluctant to come to work because of the dynamics within the team
  • lack of adherence to an organisation’s Code of Conduct
  • lack of adherence to an organisation’s policies and procedures
  • lack of transparency the crossing of boundaries of roles and responsibilities within the team.

If your organisation is making changes to systems, processes or organisational structures, Redefine will work with you and your employees to make the process of change easier for everyone. We have worked successfully with thousands of employees at team-member and team-leader level as they go through a process of change.

Older workers 

What does your organisation expect from its older workers and what do your older workers expect from your organisation? This section is also relevant for individuals.

As there is no compulsory retirement age and the government superannuation entitlement age may increase, many of your older employees may not want, or perhaps financially are not able, to stop work. Most organisations have older employees whose skill and knowledge is of immense value. The (possibly) changing needs of your employee versus the needs of your organisation, combined with the uncertainty of your employee – and perhaps vice versa – in relation to ‘where to next’, may result in some employees who become less effective in the workplace.